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What is GOOGLE Chrome Canary : Features of GOOGLE Chrome Canary

What is GOOGLE Chrome Canary ?
We all know what Google Chrome is and If you like this browser then you should definitely give a try to latest new, tweaked  and experimental version of Google Chrome named, Google Chrome Canary. It's the most bleeding edge version of Chrome. Google says 'canary in a coal-mine', Chrome Canary is an early-release, experimental version of Google's web browser Chrome. Google says: "be forewarned: it's designed for developers and early adopters, and can sometimes break down completely".

GOOGLE Chrome Canary Background :Since its introduction in September 2008, Google Chrome has gone through at least 58 major versions, as of this writing. very new version has some minor or major changes, and we will often find new features. 

Chrome currently has four different release channels available: Stable, Beta, Dev and Canary. Stable is the channel most use. It is subject to full testing and the safest option for users. Canary represents the …

The Future of Augmented Reality

The Future of Augmented RealityThe potential scenarios to implement Augmented Reality is endless. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is no more limited to video games industry, their uses are vast spread across Health care, Engineering, real state, military, education and many more. The Future of Augmented Reality holds immense opportunity to explore different industry and its worth seeing how every industry implements and adopts Augmented Reality in near future.

The Future of Augmented Reality allows potential home buyers to tour properties through a VR headset before the property is even finished being built, while AR allows those building homes to look at what a certain type of cabinets would look like in their new homes before they are ever installed. 

AR and VR are entering the retail space, giving brick-and-mortar shopping a run for its money with open-air pop-up stores where users can view products. Clothes shopping is less of a headache with the FX Mirror and Memory Mirror, …

$100 Augmented Reality Headset from Leap Motion

$100 Augmented Reality Headset from Leap Motion
Known as Project North Star, Leap Motion has announced today that they are bringing inexpensive augmented reality headset under $100 to produce never before AR experience, hoping to kickstart widespread interest in AR. Lets see what more surprise it will bring when $100 Augmented Reality Headset from Leap Motion gets unfolded.

$100 Augmented Reality Headset from Leap Motion : Details Here 

The headset consists of two “ultra-bright, low-persistence” 1600 x 1440 translucent displays running at 120 frames per second, plus the company’s hand-tracking sensor. Collectively, the device promises to let users see virtual interface elements through an over 100-degree field of view in the screens, while tracking hand and finger movements in a wider 180-degree area.

The most impressive part of the headset isn't the promised visual fidelity, but the built-in hand-tracking gestures. Leap Motion says it has incorporated the same 180-degree hand-trackin…

Best Augmented Reality Apps and Games For Android and IOS in 2018

Best Augmented Reality Apps and Games For Android in 2018

In our last post we have seen what Augmented Reality is and its examples explained. Here in this post we will see some of best application developed on android for games and different purposes using Augmented Reality in 2018.

Augmented reality has got lot of attention in last 2 years and its future is as bright as anything. Possibly we could see this attached with our real life very very soon. We have already seen this technology can be used in variety of fields including Automotive industry, manufacturing, army training and lots more. And believe me this is not the end, this is just the beginning and there are hell lot of opportunity to adopt this technology sooner than we have expected.

Augmented Reality can be seen through a variety of experiences. Recent developments have made this technology accessible using a smartphone which led to development of wide variety of augmented reality apps. Lets explore some of best apps and gam…

What is Augmented Reality and Augmented Reality Examples

What is Augmented Reality:Augmented Reality is very different from Virtual reality. Here real world combines with virtual world unlike in virtual reality.Lets see What is Augmented Reality and Augmented Reality Examples in details.

Augmented Reality is a technology where camera reads the objects and surroundings around you from real world and then it places virtual objects or content on top of this real world layer so that everything actually looks like a real world. It’s an enhanced version of virtual reality where everything you see in not virtual but its real world seamlessly blends with virtual world.  The origin of the word augmented is augment, which means to add or enhance something. In the case of Augmented Reality (also called AR), graphics, sounds, and touch feedback are added into our natural world to create an enhanced user experience. AR is developed mostly into mobile applications and used on mobile devices to blend digital components into the real world in such a way that…