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The Future of Augmented Reality

The Future of Augmented Reality

The potential scenarios to implement Augmented Reality is endless. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is no more limited to video games industry, their uses are vast spread across Health care, Engineering, real state, military, education and many more. The Future of Augmented Reality holds immense opportunity to explore different industry and its worth seeing how every industry implements and adopts Augmented Reality in near future.

The Future of Augmented Reality

The Future of Augmented Reality allows potential home buyers to tour properties through a VR headset before the property is even finished being built, while AR allows those building homes to look at what a certain type of cabinets would look like in their new homes before they are ever installed. 

AR and VR are entering the retail space, giving brick-and-mortar shopping a run for its money with open-air pop-up stores where users can view products. Clothes shopping is less of a headache with the FX Mirror and Memory Mirror, AR mirrors that simulate what you would look like in an outfit. 

Healthcare is also being revolutionized by AR. With the help of products like Accuvein, doctors and nurses will be able to find veins and insert IVs on the first try, a task that medical professionals only get right 60% of the time.

Travel and leisure are also seeing surges of innovation with the rise of augmented reality technology. Google Expeditions bridges the gap between education and travel with virtual field trips to anywhere in the world without leaving the classroom. Travel apps like Wikitude are the future of vacation optimization, recommending the best spots to eat and stay.

How We See Augmented Reality Implemented  -  Future of Augmented Reality

I could see there are two main options on how to implement AR devices and get used tot it. Either people will wear AR headsets (like a light weight helmet with glasses) most of the time and AR replaces everything we do with smart phones or AR becomes the new interface for laptops n computers, or AR there are chances that it might confined to a few specific applications in military, retail, education and health care.

Given the improvement of the AR interface over a 2D screen or touch screen like we have 2D games on console, it seems very likely that it will be be a mainstream product. There might even be two types of AR — one for wearing around everyday like a smart phone or smart watch and one for more complex tasks, like on desktop or laptop.

The Future of Augmented Reality

Future of Mobile Augmented Reality :

There are  plenty of mobile application on gaming are already out there in market, such as, Google playstore and iphones. Check this article to see best apps for AR.

It’s less clear whether mobile AR provides much more functionality over the top of what smart phones can do. I don’t think that mobile AR will lead to any KILLER APP. outside a few narrow utilities. Although Mobile AR could be next breakthrough just because the way mobile cmputing power has changed. Mobile phone are no more just a mobile machine to talk n chat, they do have potential to run heavy application on their own. 

The Future of Augmented Reality

Conclusion : The Future of Augmented Reality 

And the future of augmented reality ? What, today, may simply be the idea or concept of doorways that open up endless opportunities to worlds and universes on your favorite device can become a glittering truth. Having said that, THE BIG THREE, Google, Apple, and Microsoft. They are all ready to shook this Augmented Reality indutry with their innovation. It should take time, at leasy 5 years from now you can see the breakthrough Augmented Reality technologies wrapping this world in digital world just like what smartphones are doing right now.

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